My crack addiction


Smarties are crack. No, not the Canadian Smarties, aka Nestle’s M&M’s (with a better quality chocolate).

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved the good ol’ fashioned, pressed powdered dextrose discs. And it has to be from Ce De Candy Inc., not some cheap imitation.

I prefer to eat them by color, after separating them into piles. Typically, I can’t just eat one. Sometimes I become so overwhelmed by desire I forgo the segregation step and cram a whole roll in my mouth. I know; it’s a problem.

Back in the late mid-90’s, I had a much worse problem with them. Around Halloween, I’d buy a 2 or 3 or 5 lbs. bag and horde them in my desk at work. I’d gorge myself on the bag for weeks. Usually, it was only one bag a year, however, there a few two-bag binges.

It’s been years since I bought a bulk bag. I’ve been able to eat a couple of rolls, here and there, when they cross my path. Yesterday, I found myself fantasizing about those days of yore, having a seemingly never-ending stash at an arm’s-length.

Thus far, I’ve remained steadfast and in control. No drugstore visit last night to the candy aisle. Yet, coworkers brought in their kids’ candy today, and I cherrypicked eight rolls which are sitting next to me on my desk. I can smell them, but haven’t opened one.

I’m using them as motivation to get stuff done today… yet I’ve just wasted 15 minutes writing this panegyric lauding them. Obsessed?

18 Responses to “My crack addiction”

  1. laurie in victoria Says:

    Crap you made me look up panegyric lol

  2. scout Says:

    You should have come to my house last night. I got a whole bag of them!

  3. Monet Says:

    My mom is a huge SMARTIES lover too, but I didn’t inherit that gene. Thankfully…because my husband got the industrial size bag to hand out to all the kiddies.

    I did forbid him from Reese’s and Kit Kats because those are 2 of my fav’s…who am I kidding, if it’s chocolate, it’s a fav…

    Your Ms. Janie is precious…my boy Riggo did not like all of the kids coming by the house because he hates costumes!

  4. Mel Says:

    Mmmmm, Smarties. I’ll take all comers, quite frankly, though Rabbitch assures me that the Brit ones are better than the Canadian ones (they have fruity-flavoured candy shells).

  5. mom Says:

    and don’t forget all those candy necklaces you wore and devoured !!

  6. Ginger Says:

    I wish Mum lets us have some of her M&Ms… they look really Yummy, the green ones especially. She can’t survive without them.

  7. no-blog-rachel Says:

    I LOVE Smarties! I can’t buy them for Halloween – I’d eat ’em all myself.

  8. Darcy Says:

    It’s nice, though, when our addictions are legal, isn’t it? I have a problem with the Cadbury Cream Eggs myself. Not those loser mini-creme eggs where the chocolate-to-sugar goo ratio is completely off, the big egg-sized ones. Thank god they only come out once/year! Good luck with the will power. Be strong!

  9. isela Says:

    My kids like to eat the necklaces with the smarties on them :). I love your confession, hehehe.

  10. whylime Says:

    did you sort them according to color yet?

  11. becky Says:

    Remember we used to use the Smartie’s boxes (Nestle’s MMs) to make whistles? Do they still do that??

    love, your sis.

  12. WonderMike Says:

    I support you in spite of your addictions. I have no idea what that’s all about…..

  13. unraveledgal Says:

    Smarties for a smarty?

    Are you working on a routine for us to do at Camp Crow’s feet?? That is a roundabout way of asking if you & your mom are going.

    Check out my Flicker badge and see if you see anyone.

  14. Larjmarj Says:

    Smarties ARE crack

    I heart them…I always loved spree and sweetarts too.

  15. LizzieK8 Says:

    Oh, God…Yes.

  16. Crystal Says:

    Mmm, Smarties. I love both kinds! M&M’s have nothing on Nestle’s Smarties. As for the candy ones, in Canada they are referred to as “rockets” and taste just as delicious, my favs are the white ones.

  17. Diana Says:

    OMG I love Smarties too! I bought a whole bunch at Halloween time and I am still eating them! They are totally like crack! LOL

  18. John Says:

    weird, we share a lot of things in common. i happened on your page through ravelry, and noticed you were a former ironman. i am also. and now i stumble upon this post. i have just recently rekindled an old love affair with smarties too! i have THREE bags in my room as we speak. it’s dangerous.

    sorry for the randomness…i’m always intrigued when i discover odd commonalities with strangers on the internet 😉 so i had to share…