By candlelight

We’re making spaghetti and meatballs for dinner tonight in the dark. No, there hasn’t been a power outage. It’s Lights Out SF. Six tealights are burning on the coffeetable, next to a chunky make-it-yourself candle I make’ed years ago that’s burning for the first time. The only other light in the apartment is the dull glow of our computer screens as I’m typing and he’s on flickr.

Today was the surprise 40th birthday party for Michael, put on by his adorable and loving boyfriend Anthony. I assume someone will post pictures. Other than surprise Mr. Socktopus himself, a highlight was hanging out with Kate (who just heard about these new-fangled computers) and Tammy (of her own bad-ass tattoos fame). I have the feeling that these three (along with Elaine who couldn’t make it) could be my future BFF’s.

At least, that’s what I’m hoping.

2 Responses to “By candlelight”

  1. PuNk rAwk pUrL Says:

    DUDE! we are SOOO BFF! especially if you keep cooking white power mac & cheese. haha
    can’t wait for the next “meeting”!

  2. kimchi (aka elaine) Says:

    OMG!!! REALLY>?? BFFs????
    you are going to regret it…i’m going to stalk you and i’m going to end up freaking you and your poochie out!!! :o)
    she will look at at you with that cute little mug of hers and ask:
    “daddy? why does that freaky lady and her stinky-ass bitch of a dog keep following us around everywhere??? I don’t like them!”
    okay maybe i won’t but you never know with me…
    okay this is wayyyy too long. i’ll stop now.
    but just wanted to say, thanks! **sniff** i Heart you and your cool knitting mojo! :o) xoxo