Cat-atonic state


It’s been a few weeks since I received my copy of New Pathways for Sock Knitters, Book One, but allow me to add to the chorus of people gushing about Cat Bordhi’snew book. If you already knit socks, this book will shake up your world, in the best way possible. If you don’t yet knit socks, what are you waiting for? Grab her Socks Soar on Two Needles (my first sock book), and get going!

Just reading the first chapters of this new book made me eager to dive in. That first weekend, I obsessively knit up my two sample socks (the foundations for the 8 new sockitectures) in some scrap yarn. Great teaching device and how fabulous to have so many fun-to-knit baby booties! On the other hand, it’s a slippery slope that left me jonesing to cast-on for a sock for myself.

Cat’s moved beyond knitting and writing and is also making movies illustrating some of the techniques in the book. Check out her YouTube videos. If you have time, watch the Short Row tutorial (there are two parts) showing W&T and how to conceal them. Here are my other favorites:

Left- and Right-leaning increases

Judy’s Magic cast-on, for all you toe-up sock fans:

Having met her at BMFA sock camp, I fell in love with her. She’s incredibly intelligent, savagely creative, and playfully silly. The videos give you a little glimpse of her charming personality.

7 Responses to “Cat-atonic state”

  1. Eikon Says:

    But I just bought Nancy Bush’s Knitting Vintage Socks and your blog brings me a new temptations.

  2. sean Says:

    You beat me to it! I did the two socks as well and it’s amazing how that book opens ones eyes!

    I had to sell the last copy we had in the shop, so I have to wait until our next order sometime in October.


  3. Ginger Says:

    Thanks for sharing Cat’s YouTube videos!
    She makes it look so easy!
    And I love the way she injected stories to her knitting – really works for dummies (like Mum, she said) 😀

  4. WonderMike Says:

    Loverly post, Stephen. Thanks for posting the vids of the charming Catster. I’m just about finished with my coriolis. 🙂

  5. New Pathways : Sean’s Soapbox Says:

    […] She’s got a great method (unknown to me) of concealing wraps. A fun way to remember and knit paired left-leaning or right-leaning increases. But most of this has been addressed already by Stephen over at HizKnits. His reaction is so close to mine I could have copied and pasted what he wrote and it would have described my feelings and reactions. He also pointed out to me that Cat has some instructional videos over on YouTube. Check them out!!! They are well worth watching. […]

  6. Emerald Says:

    Thanks for a refreshing blog. I was looking into this book, I have yet to knit socks on two circs but, I want to desperately. I love your photos and all of your wit. I look forward to seeing your comments in the future.

  7. kimchi (aka elaine) Says:

    you went to BMFA SOCK CAMP???