Call me Julie


This weekend was one of hosting. Not web hosting, kids, people hosting. I love sharing San Francisco with friends. I want people to experience the places I call my favorite. Personally, I love my taste, so shouldn’t everyone?

Tracy was in town for her work. Here she is enjoying a latte this morning, post-breakfast, pre-cream puff. I’ve known her since 1991 when I was a little suburban child who moved to the big city of Philadelphia. We ran in the same activist and punk-esque circles. Luckily, I get to pay her to be my friend, as my company hires her company to do web work. And, as you’ll see in a future post, her company’s going to build my swim team’s new site.

She arrived on Friday and we had sushi for lunch at Hotei (across the street from sister restaurant and best sushi in town, Ebisu). Delish. I don’t get sushi that often because someone I sleep with doesn’t like it.

Then, we drove over to my office to give her coworker a tour and load them up with product. Dinner was at my favorite East German restaurant (oft-mentioned here), Walzwerk).

Tracy’s gig was on Saturday, so I didn’t see her. Instead, new-to-town and Scout connection, Dottie and the man went out on a photo tour. I joined them after swim practice for another favorite, burritos at Papalote. Which, of course, had to be followed by a Ritual Roasters‘ latte.

This morning’s breakfast was a bust, so no link to that. But Tracy had time for another latte (pictured above) and a cream puff (as did the manfriend) at Beard Papa’s before catching her plane back to Philly, her wife and her gorgeous daughter.

So, if you’re coming to town, you can pretend you’re me and enjoy these fine establishments. Don’t mind the hipsters, the food is fab and worth it.

3 Responses to “Call me Julie”

  1. scout Says:

    Okay that’s it. I really need to come visit. Do I get to stay with you too? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. meg Says:

    what a perfect visit. my brother lives two blocks away from ritual and i walked there every morning i was there last year. delish lattes.

  3. Tracy Says:

    Hey! I made it to your site for the first time to find me on it!
    Thanks for the recap…people have been asking me exactly where I went for sushi and I’m like “uhhhh…I don’t know.” Now I do!

    Your RSS feed is in my Google Reader so now I will be a loyal fan.

    I love you!!