Bad runner…

… no yarn for me! I didn’t go to Stitches West this weekend.

Not that I “deserved” to go. I sign up for Runagogo, and then I never run. Or post. Or cheer. For most of this month! I have a lot of miles to get through in the next five or six weeks. I think I’ll have to bust out the bike for some big distance. My knees won’t be able to handle the sudden increase in mileage. The runs will have to be walk/runs to ease me back into activity. If I get to 100 miles, I’ll reward myself with some cashmere yarn from that sweater.

However, there was plenty of swimming this weekend. Too bad I’m not counting that yardage. I was at the pool on Saturday from 8:30 until 3:00; four of those hours in the water. Due to missing mid-week practices (thank you, work stress), I considered dropping my solo for the Paris competition, if not Nationals. I was feeling all kinds of behind and my free routine barely has an opening hybrid. Saturday’s afternoon swim boosted my confidence, as I locked down my tech routine. I practiced more today, during our five hours of land and water time.

Only other interesting highlights of this weekend were seeing The Lives of Others (which I just read wonthe Oscar for best foriegn film), more jeans shopping (that deserves a post or two) and completing the first Lisa Souza sock. Oh, there was another first… right after I turned the heel earlier this week, I decided to start up another sock—different yarn, needles and pattern—just so I don’t get bored. We’ll see if I can avoid second sock syndrome. So far, with all of the socks I’ve made, so good.

One Response to “Bad runner…”

  1. Danielle Says:

    Just found your blog via Yarn-A-Go-Go. I am also a knitter as well as a synchronized swim coach. Don’t drop your solo for Paris — you’ve got until May!!