Does this make me look ripped?

I’m finally wearing this weekend’s cashmere purchase, and I’m in heaven. I never knew goats could feel so lovely! It’s warm. It’s light. It’s soft. It’s dreamy. And I only paid $62 (after discount and gift certificate) for it. Cheaper than 3.5 balls of sock yarn!

Do you want to see a picture? Go here. I’ve got the chocolate one, two pictures down, only I don’t look like the lonely, pouty, skinny boy sitting on the wooden walkway. He’s probably starving… since he spent all his lunch money on the sweater.

Now, here’s my conundrum. In looking over the construction, this machine-knit baby was made like we make sweaters. The pieces are seamed together and you can easily see the selvage. This means, one could easily rip it out and re-use the yarn. The 100% cashmere worsted-weight yarn. I could buy a large or extra-large for $150. A lot of money, yes, but cheaper than buying the yarn from Jilly Knitwear or any LYS. Then, I’d design my own sweater. Or make baby objects. Or knit who knows what.

Waste of money? Fashion sacrilege? Saavy shopper? Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to grow my stash with couture yarn chosen by a friend? What would you do?

5 Responses to “Does this make me look ripped?”

  1. sean Says:

    It’s done all the time. In fact there is a woman who buys cashmere sweaters and respins the ripped out yarn into a more suitable gauge for handknitting, making beautiful, beautiful yarns. I looked on line but couldn’t find the source. So, I say go for it.

  2. Mel Says:

    Wait. If your friend owns this company, then it is more than likely that he has to buy the yarn that’s used in the sweaters. That’s what David has to do for the yarns used in his line. Assuming this is the case and assuming he’s a good friend, you may be able to wheedle, beg, and plead with him and see about landing yourself a whole cone of the stuff. It may not be doable logistically, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

  3. Eikon Says:

    rip rip rip. It is a suitable source of fiber.

  4. Rachael Says:

    I’ve done it…..

  5. pamela Says:

    Dang, that’s a lovely sweater! Don’t you dare rip it! Don’t you dare! There’ll be more yarn, honest! I mean, at least wear it a season or two before you frog it! Please! Pretty Please?

    Sorry. Just wandering by from Ravelry.

    keep on purlin’