trekk’ed along

Trekking XXL socks

Finally, I’ve gotten ’round to uploading photos of my shades of gray Trekking XXL socks. These guys were started back in June and finished by the end of July.

Sadly, I missed the outdoorsy point of this knitalong – trekking outside whilst knitting. Most of the trekking done while knitting these wasn’t traditional hiking—it was mostly the urban variety. They did do a fair amount of traveling, from following me camping at Bonnaroo music festival in Tennessee to being finished in downtown Chicago while swimming at the Gay Games.

Based off of Cat Bordhi’s simple sock pattern in Socks Soar on Two Needles, I knit them on a single needle. Instead of a fabulous braid, I went with a simple x-o cable, since I’d never knit one. There will be other socks in the future. As I posted previously, my experience with the magic loop wasn’t the greatest. I blame that on the joins of the needles.

It was great meeting a new yarn, as well as cementing my interest in the simple round-and-round meditation of socks. I’m almost finished another pair (orange split-toe Mega Boots Stretch). And, just in time for the fall, I’ve already bought another ball of Trekking XXL, in the rather woodsy greens and brown of color #69. Not to worry, I also bought a new #1 Addi-Turbo, too.

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