All set(list)

I’m not much of a mix-tape maker. Same goes with playlists. I feel a responsibility to listen to albums in their entirety. You know, as the artist intended and to prove my devotion. (As if they would know in what order I consume their craft.) I don’t mingle with single jingles.

I was recently asked to make a list of songs by one of my favorite artists for a friend’s birthday. Perhaps your heard of her (the artist, not my friend)?

Here’s a mini-setlist for Dar Williams were she to play for your happy day:

  • When I Was a Boy
  • You’re Aging Well
  • Midnight Radio (cover from Hedwig and the Angry Inch)
  • What Do You Hear in these Sounds
  • It’s Alright
  • Better Things
  • As Cool as I Am
  • The Babysitter’s Here

There are plenty of other amazing songs (February, The Ocean, The Great Unknown, Iowa), but, if it were my birthday, I maybe wouldn’t want to be sobbing. (Dar has had that effect on me.)

So use your favorite music consumption vehicle (YouTube, Spotify, iTunes) and have yourself an upbeat little birthday party with Dar.

5 Responses to “All set(list)”

  1. Darcy Says:

    The Babysitter song doesn’t make you cry, too? That one always has me sobbing. I like Flinty Kind of Woman!

  2. Debbi Says:

    thanks for pointing me towards Dar Williams! Which album should I start with????

  3. Stephen Says:

    Oh, Boy and Babysitter both have me cry. Just not as achingly as the others. Flinty is a toe-tapper!

  4. Stephen Says:

    The Honesty Room is her first and my favorite, followed by the next two, Mortal City and End of Summer. But perhaps the concert Out There Live (her between-song patter is part of her charm) or the best-of Many Great Companions would be great samplers. I cannot tell you how big I love her. Much ocular incontinence.

  5. hizsis Says:

    As the sister of Stephen, When I Was a Boy has me sobbing every time, mostly tears of love and gratitude for having my Stephen. He used tell me everyone started out as a little girl….and therefore convinced me to do his chores when I was little. Oh the lessons you’ve taught me 🙂
    The Honesty Room gets me song after song after song.
    Dar is magical….and her son is named Stephen. Coincidence? I think not.