Words escape me

I’ve been in and out of my work’s blog so often today that I find myself at a loss for things to type here. I was going to post a cute dog photo with a caption that I was all ears, but that felt a bit lazy. (Would still love to hear from anyone!) What to share?

If you don’t have anything to say… there’s nothing I could say about the speaker on happiness I saw this morning. As much as I scoff at it, I’ve seen a few gems coming out of Alt Summit that make me feel, I’ll say it, inspired. But I’m not there, and sharing 140 characters of hearsay doesn’t seem worthwhile. Although I’m pretty sure Sagmeister’s happiness chat may have been more focused and useful.

Last night’s late night writing annual goals (for work—you think I’m anywhere near that organized in my personal life?) is taking its toll. I need to join the snoring masses upstairs. Bread dough prep and deeper thoughts will just have to wait until tomorrow.

One Response to “Words escape me”

  1. Julian Says:

    Seeking the goal of happiness is a 21st century myth and possibly unattainable. you need to instead rejoice in your own goals and achievements and loved ones i.e. you partner, and dogs.