Ha. Ha. Ha.

Again, I find myself at the end of the day hurriedly thumb typing into my phone (was autocorrected to oboe a second ago). So sorry that this is another drivel post, as opposed to something more composed.

Enough whining. I’ve been thinking a lot recently about a friend’s motto, “You get more of what you pay attention to.” On one hand it’s a great parenting technique. On the other, it’s the basis of the practice of keeping a gratitude journal. The end result is re-wiring the brain to be happier. It speaks volumes of the vicious cycle of stress and depression.

Tonight, I’ve laughed. A lot. I finally finished the last handful of episodes of Portlandia’s second season, which apparently I had not previously seen. Then I caught the premiere of The Kroll Show. My apologies for the lack of a link, but I invite you to use your Google-fu and look up them both up. (Please note: humor is subjective, so it’s fine if you don’t share my high regard.) It’s always reassuring to recognize your humor in others, eh?

And it just plain feels good.

One Response to “Ha. Ha. Ha.”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Oh the lucky people who get to laugh with you in real life. I am wishing that my morning bowl of rice pudding with fruit was being shared over a table with you so we could share the funny parts of our current favorite shows (Big Bang Theory is currently cracking me up). Love you!