Stuffed (not food-related)

Only last week I was thinking to myself that I hadn’t been sick this year. In Januarys past, I remember learning how to make dashi for noodles and souping myself to health. Seeing colleagues fall ill one by one as the week went on, I was grateful and a little proud of my system’s fortitude.

We’ve all know where this is headed, right? What started as slight congestion and an early-morning offness has bloomed into full-blown snottiness. Early application of my neti pot yesterday did not prevent today from descending into a deluge of tissues and sneezing at my desk. On the plus side, I’ve tried my hand at mixing my own sea salt and baking soda solution. However, here I am sick. And, as often is the case, it rougher now, as the day ends. Luckily, it’s mostly congestion and I’m not incapacitated; simply a little worn down.

Watching The Deadliest Catch isn’t helping me feel any better. (You can’t catch a cold from the TV, can you?) Maybe I should just get in bed and read. I know two snore monsters who’d be more than willing to keep me company and warm. Dry and on land with loved ones.

3 Responses to “Stuffed (not food-related)”

  1. disco Says:

    I was snotty yesterday morning. A five mile run sorted me out! And home-made minestrone for lunch. Feel better.

  2. ron dinning Says:

    I agree that souping yourself to health is the way to go. I love your dog pictures!!
    Ron in Mexico

  3. Nigel Says:

    Oh, I’m sorry you are ill. I do hope you do not have what I got. I’m like the harbinger of doom here. I’m in Mexico and had my flu shot at the end of October. But I had what was definitely a flu like illness with fever, chills, terrible headaches, etc. Then I started coughing. That was four weeks ago – the coughing eased off after three weeks but then came back. The good news is that it hasn’t prevented me from going to the gym – the coughing is usually only early morning and late evening. Whatever that is about. I hope you get well soon – I hear chicken soup is good for a cold. And I bet your work colleagues would be thrilled that you were at home with your lovelies instead of spreading the germs at the office. So take the rest cure and stay home.