Un petit peu

A month ago, I posted on 12.12.12. Nothing much, but just a little scribble to mark the unique date and rouse the dusty bloggish beast. But that started a little avalanche of daily posts. 31 since then.

I don’t pretend that it’s even worthy of being called writing. Heck, there’s not really much content, so it isn’t as if I’m writing for a reader (besides my mom, Hi!). Just a daily practice. There’s no streak I’m seeking or NaNoBloMo that I’m trying to win. It’s simple proof to myself that I can no longer say I never post. A reminder to myself that I’m not a failure.

Much like knitting or making bread or running, a lot of smaller tasks pile up to make a whole that’s better than before. Something is better than nothing. Little by little, I’m getting there.

3 Responses to “Un petit peu”

  1. Nigel Says:

    Your mother is not the only one reading your posts. I have not missed any since I’m subscribed via Google Reader. Keep posting, keep writing. You just might inspire me to get back to blogging too.

  2. Marie-Josée Says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I discovered your work and yourself a couple months ago, I think it was via Ravelry or some other knitting related site. I even found your videos on you tube somehow, and ended up making pompoms, and laughing out loud!
    I just wanted to say I believe in what you just said/wrote. I have started my blog exactly for that reason 4 months ago, and I’m trying to do more and more little things in my life so it becomes better and richer, and so those new habits end up creating something satisfying.

    Good luck on your path to making your tomorrow better than yesterday.
    Good job with the knitting, and greetings from Québec city!

  3. Rhian Williams Says:

    Not just your Mom! I found your blog in December and really enjoy your updates. As a fellow avid knitter and French Bulldog owner (ownee?) I like your style.

    Do you know the (crazy) Daily Frenchie blog? This is my baby: http://dailyfrenchie.tumblr.com/image/40003094862

    Hello and happy 2013 from Scotland!