Toodle bike

Due to a torn tire and flat way back in early November, I busted out ye olde folding bike and rode it to and from work for the past two months. Even though the full-sized unfoldable bike’s tire was replaced within a week, my tangerine dream was a refreshing, upright way to commute in the rolling equivalent of a waddle. I simply toodled along to the office, not going too fast, not stressing, not concerning myself with looking anything other than dorky and taking the time it takes for the little wheels to cover the mile or so.

Having people over to the apartment during the holidays meant pretending to have some semblance of a kept house. So the toodle bike went back down to storage where it remains today. For the past two days I’ve been on my big boy bike. It feels more powerful, efficient and, if you can imagine, concise. The gearing is a bit tougher, but it would leave the toodle bike in the dust during a race.

While I was on my folding bike, I enjoyed the slow transition between my home life and office. Back in the saddle of a speedier steed, I can appreciate the more abrupt transition and thrill of getting out and away from the work day in a few swift pedal strokes. Both bikes make me smile, but for different reasons. I’m fortunate enough to have choices for what I ride to work. Neither one is superior. I’ll miss you, little Toodles, but I’m glad you’ll be there when I need to slow down.

Now if only I’d learn how to ride that unicycle….

2 Responses to “Toodle bike”

  1. Darci Says:

    Ahhh, to ride a bike to work. that alone is a lovely transition

  2. Willyg Says:

    I love my five-minute carpool to work, but when I stop to think about it, I kinda miss the hour-long walk/bus commute I had in my old home. Getting to work was perhaps not the most relaxing, as I usually found myself running to the bus with a liquid breakfast in hand, but getting off the bus with just enough energy to trudge the final mile home gave me a wonderful chance to stop and smell the roses.