Early in the morning of the longest night of the year

Quel suprise, the world isn’t over. Not yet. I apologize if the lack of typing here led you to believe otherwise. The rain is steadily driving against our windows. Wind is moaning. The heat appear to be out in our building. A pair of dogs are softly snoring, lying in parallel between my legs. And I’ve been up since 4:30am.

We didn’t do anything intentionally special for winter solstice, however we did spend the evening together with visiting friends from Seattle. Dinner out on the edge of San Francisco at Outerlands outside with warm conversation. A fitting way to mark my last day of work for the year.

I’m ready for a return to the light. To see the sun disappear a little bit later at the end of the day. To sprout new growth and transform into a better me. To thaw.

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