All’s quiet on this front

No picture, no words. No complaints, no triumphs. No progress, no finish line. Not alone, nor super social. Just a regular night.

Ends were woven in on lopapeysa #2, with five motif bands and armpit grafting remaining. Text messages were exchanged after a couple weeks of missing a friend’s call. A simple dinner, unremarkable television programs and snoring dogs on the couch.

I will say I’m behind in my holiday duties. Things that should have been shipped last weekend haven’t even been wrapped or packed. The truffle bounty has not been divvied up into office and friend gifts. We have no tree.

Only a few days to get cracking on it. This time next week it’ll all be done. One of these years I’ll get it right.

One Response to “All’s quiet on this front”

  1. Naomi Belle Says:

    The reality is, Christmas day will arrive and be celebrated whether or not we think we are ready. Are we ever really, really ready? Isn’t there always just that one more thing we wished we could have done?

    Blessings to you and yours.

    Naomi Belle

    PS – I am knitting like a fiend and will be doing so up until the 9th hour, cause – I’m not ready either.