A damp and dim start to February.

1. your view today (dreary morning)

Why not try another monthly challenge in the shortest month of the year? Heck, I’ll try two.

At worst, it will result in a few random posts here. That’s better than none.

At best, I’ll have 29 prompted photographs (FebPhotoaDay on Instagram) and 24-29 letters (A Month of Letters) to show for it.

Maybe not such a dim start after all.


One Response to “A damp and dim start to February.”

  1. Christy Says:

    Stephen, you’re the best. Thanks for bringing LetterMo to my attention; it’s just what I needed to perk up the mail.

    I’m so psyched, I’ve posted about it and am hoping more will join, too.


    Love ya babe. Hope you get my letter soon!