up, up and sock summit

Sock Summit 2011
Just published 2011 Sock Summit teachers, classes, vendors, and all that jazz.

While I’m certainly honored to be teaching again, I’m humbled by the other 59 teachers who will be there too. On top of that, I’m truly grateful that Tina and Stephanie have invited me to work with them and help put on this truly magical and fun event.

In other news, thanks for the kind words about my silly temporary coffee quitting. After a shower and light slathering of oil (much like seasoning a wok, it’s called abhyanga, Ayurvedic self-massage), I feel a world of difference. Maybe caffeine is loosening its grip on me. Or I needed a shower.

2 Responses to “up, up and sock summit”

  1. Darcy Says:

    Showers and naps, dude. Magical healing properties. Sometimes I wish my obsessions ran to socks, and I always wish Portland wasn’t so far away.

  2. Katherine Says:

    I hope to get into your class!