3.7 – 3.12 lots o’ lists

Wouldja look at that? A little quiet stint. It’s interesting to me how my writing ebbs and flows with my mood. Or is it the other way around? This week did not see the same success I’ve had previously this year doing 30 Days of Lists, 750 Words and Health Month. My gut reaction is to quit and beat myself up for never seeing anything through and finishing (um, yeah, big overstatement, and I have the race medals to prove it). So here I am, early Saturday morning, sitting down to jot out the past five lists and catch up on today.

3.7 – blog goals

  • just to write regularly – I’ve been doing this on and off since 2000 (where my Diaryland peeps?), and it has never been with a goal other than personal gratification and smidgen of sanity.
  • document snippets of my life – I’m not a collector of photographs, ticket stubs or dried flowers, nor am I a paper journal fanatic (although I LURVE paper journals), so typing out a few words to remember what happened and/or how I felt.
  • entertain my mom – Every now and then I get goaded to “update my website” because she’s my most loyal reader, and that Twitter sidebar just isn’t enough for her.
  • future goals: post my designs, play more with video, maybe give back with a little tutorial action (since this is allegedly a knitblog).

3.8 – what’s inside my bag
This is going to be a really short one… I don’t have any baggage. Or I don’t tote one around with me, since I work from home and have not successfully managed to go work at a coffee shop. My “bag” consists of my kitchen table.

That said, I do travel up to Portland every 4-6 weeks so my florescent pink Timbuk2 messenger bag with computer sleeve carries everything, including: my liquid toiletries, work computer, work notebook/cahier, iPad, power cords, headphones, iPod with a beloved TinyMeat sleeve, housekeys, Clipper BART card, and a smaller musette (made from old Clif Bar banners) with my current travel knitting (often a sock, imagine that!), some pens, a tiny reporter’s Moleskine that holds ideas for designs, wallet, phone, and perhaps a tube of something for my lips.

3.9 – favorite websites (all are “.com” unless otherwise noted)

  • connection: gmail (and a handful of other google bits), twitter, flickr, ravelry
  • work: bluemoonfiberarts, sockclub.bluemoonfiberarts, socksummit and various iterations of Zen Cart, InboxHQ, Expression Engine, Drupal, BaseCamp, Constant Contact
  • friends (who happen to knit): Sean, Tammy, Mel, Rachael, Stephanie, Clara, Franklin, Joe

3.10 – wish list

  • more time
  • more naps (Janie Sparkles and C optional, but preferred)
  • more cooking
  • more writing
  • more designing
  • more reading
  • more running/yoga/moving
  • more letter writing
  • more friend dates
  • more frequent visits with familiy
  • more travel (Iceland, Japan top the list, and the good ol’ New York, Paris + Berlin)
  • less stuff
  • less mortgage
  • less wanting
  • more action

3.11 – date night ideas

  • coffee, dog park with Janie, cooking together, dvd
  • museum, cocktail, new or favorite restaurant, walk home
  • movie theater and popcorn, beer or nightcap out after
  • drive out of town, remote sunset (ocean or body of water optional), quiet night reading side-by-side by the fire
  • something new, something quiet, something moving, something memorable

3.12 – weekly rituals

  • daily chemex coffee and a soft-boiled egg in an eggcup waiting for me at the breakfast table
  • monday or wednesday night burrito takeout from Papalote after C’s swim practice
  • “the sauce” on pasta or ravioli
  • afternoon coffee at sightglass (typically on weekends at 4 and random thursday or friday after work) with Janie Sparkles
  • saturday or sunday trips rainbow grocery, trader joe’s, safeway
  • sitting knitting while C is out on an early morning photo excursion
  • not weekly, but regularly enough: bread baking and caramel making


2 Responses to “3.7 – 3.12 lots o’ lists”

  1. Darci Says:

    I am loving these lists…I should have jumped on board to jump start my blog…day late dollar short

  2. Mom Says:

    Love you, son. So true.