Decisions, decisions: sock or sweater

Carrie posted some lovely photos of her freshly washed socks drying. Having just washed 12 pair myself, and briefly visiting the tens, nay, twenties, (I don’t want to believe it’s over 100) of skeins of sock yarn lying in wait yesterday, I’m feeling the urge to produce more foot coverings. For my own feet, for my mind, for friends and loved ones.

But sock knitting takes time. So does the button band on the cardigan I’m knitting. As do the designs that have yet to be committed to paper. Not to mention the many sweaters I hope to wear that have yet to be wound. Then there are the gloves I promised MiHi when I first started knitting so many years ago. And the Knitspot jacket I’ve loved since Sock Summit and had the yarn since Rhinebeck 2009. Don’t forget the babies. And the woolly pounds more that take up space in this apartment.

There are at least six socks completed or near completed awaiting their mate. I think I’ll start with them first. Maybe I’ll even allow myself to start a simple mindless pair just so I can have a sock sack for all seasons. But first I should really tackle those gloves…

Shaken or stirred? Beer or wine? Ethiopian or pizza? Coffee or tea? Book or blog?

There are so many choices, none of which is the clear winner over the other.

4 Responses to “Decisions, decisions: sock or sweater”

  1. Don Says:

    That sock looks awesome. Is that the ‘brainless’ pattern?

  2. Susan Says:

    That’s a lot of wool!

    My choices would be:

    stirred – a real gin martini at Zam Zam or Martuni’s
    beer – pumpkin ales are quite nice this time of year
    Ethiopian – Eritrean, rather, at Assab
    tea – Pirate Chai at Nervous Dog, the perfect beverage to accompany one’s YARRRRRN!
    book – provides blog fodder for later

  3. Stephen Says:

    It is indeed Brainless, my toe-up friend.
    Susan, thanks for the answers… I would enjoy one or all of them.

  4. Anna Says:

    What is that fabulous sock colorway??? I think I might need some… 🙂