It gets better – Joel Burns

City Councilperson Joel Burns from Fort Worth, Texas. It’s worth watching the entire thing.

This is part of the It Gets Better Project (YouTube channel and website) started by Dan Savage.

Here’s Dan’s column that started it all (see the third item down).

It really does get better.

4 Responses to “It gets better – Joel Burns”

  1. linda reynolds Says:

    Thank you Stephen for posting this. It is so powerful and so true. Also have to tell you I love your pattern we got for sock club. It was great seeing you at O.F.F.Big hugs, Linda

  2. Angela Says:

    Wow! I live in Fort Worth, unfortunately not in Joel Burns district. I would love to give him my vote. Thanks for making me aware of this meeting.

  3. Dev Says:

    Tears running down my cheeks. Thanks for posting this. I hope this message and others like it are taken to heart by all young people.

  4. Mary ~ Awntie Says:

    thanks for posting this. it was completely off my radar.