To thine own self

Oh, no thought stringing together tonight. Just two sketches of the day.

I was at the intersection of personal beliefs, political issues and professional duty today. The college me wouldn’t have ever dreamed that I would participate in what wad asked of me. The world is not as black and white in reality. But it’s got me really thinking.

There was an event at Clif Bar tonight. In two weeks they are moving to new offices, so the building that was my daytime residence for nine years will no longer be. Life goes on and all that jazz, but it’s an end of an era. I never loved anywhere while growing up for more than 3 years. I will miss 1610 Fifth Street in Berkeley.

It was nice seeing old friends and colleagues. I teared up a bit. Janie Sparkles couldn’t have Bern happier to steal a toy and run around willy-nilly. It’s showing me I need to get a heck of a lot more social.

I guess the moral of the day is to know yourself and remember where you came from.

One Response to “To thine own self”

  1. Dezarae' Says:

    I absolutely agree with you. I have recently found the tv series “Knitty Gritty” and record the episodes to watch while my boys are taking a nap. You are inspirational in many ways

    #1 triathalons – I have said for 2 years now that when my boys are in school full time I am going to start training for one. I was so active in high school then went into the US army. spent over 4 years in the army and now I am a stay at home mom. I really want to complete a triathalon and get back into shape.

    #2 knitting – I love to knit, I love how you incorporated something that most people would only see as a tire tube. But you seen a very sturdy strap for the bag. Truly amazing.

    #3 Blog – I have read a couple of your blogs, and I really do enjoy reading them. Your writting is so flowing. Thank you for the possitive and motivational presence in my life. even though we dont know each other personally.