Freaky toes!

The highlight of my Monday: a box awaiting my return home. It’s like a ballet slipper, only horrifying.

5 Responses to “Freaky toes!”

  1. Mel Says:


  2. Nigel Pottle Says:

    I love that -made me laugh – horrifying is such a great word here. Very writerly!

  3. Mom Says:

    Could be a great addition to a Halloween costume. Comfort above looks is my motto now ( has been for ages, as you well know ) !

  4. Mylene Says:

    These can’t be comfy! Saw them in the window last week when I was visiting Boston and I just couldn’t get over them – Like toe-socks but way worse!

  5. flyngmunky Says:

    i have had my Vibram 5-fingers for a year and a half now, and i love them! they are the most comfortable shoe i’ve ever worn. i hope you’ll enjoy yours as much as i have mine.