Chris works on Sunday nights at Walzwerk. I often end up waiting around at home until I decide to go there and eat by myself, if I can’t rustle up any dining partners. And, I’ll probably do it again tonight.

With one exception.

Before dinner, I’m going to the movies. A real, live movie theater! I don’t think I’ve gone to a flick since February. Its been even longer since I’ve gone solo. A spontaneous decision and showtimes that synch have made this possible.

I feel like a kid, catching a summer blockbuster on its opening weekend. I hope Inception lives up to the hype and raves of friends. But even if it doesn’t, the adventure of taking myself out was thrill enough itself. At 2h28, I’m sure I’ll find something to enjoy.

No photo, of course, because it’s too dark. Shhhh! It’s starting.

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