Jet laggin’

This was supposed to be an entry yesterday, but my body just couldn’t stay awake long enough to make it happen. We were up by 5am, so along with coffee, I set about organizing the coat closet. Next, it was the yarn and books and paper piles. Laundry and unpacking. All this before 8am! I thought this jet lag thing was going to turn into a mighty productive thing.

We both took the day off from work, knowing that our minds wouldn’t be their sharpest. Besides, there was a very important appointment at 9—picking up Janie Sparkles! She stayed with a friend from my former job, so it turned into a bit of a how’s-it-going lovefest. Having only four days at the new job under my belt, I had little to report, so we talked about Paris. Thanks to the magic of the interwebs, anyone who wanted to could follow along, so there were lots of food questions.

After a very Bay-Areian breakfast of huevos rancheros, it was back across the thankfully-reopened Bay Bridge. Errands and a latte run, more loads of laundry and a peek into work email, catching up on TiVo trash tv and knitting—it was everything I couldn’t do in France. I valliantly struggled to stay awake through a simple dinner of penne, pesto and steamed brocolli, snuggling with the dearly-missed doggy.

Until 8-ish.

Which is why I’ve been up since 2:48am. I’m forcing myself to stay in bed until at least 5. Then it’s getting ready for work and finishing off the things I thought would all be completed yesterday.

At least I can hear two happy snorers next to me. I hope I can join them.

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