At Sock Camp Knitty Ha-ha

Arrived here in Port Ludlow, WA, a few hours outside of Seattle. Long day of getting up too early and now heading to bed too late.

Great people, both new and returning campers. Much gratitude to Tina, the Sockateers and teachers for creating this annual madcap event. Yarn was bought. More news to come.

Sleep and the wilted foam pad that’s masquerading as “a futon” are calling my name.

5 Responses to “At Sock Camp Knitty Ha-ha”

  1. Sean Says:

    ahhhh….jealous. have a great time. best to Mom!

  2. Carla Says:

    So sad not to be there this year- send my love to everyone!

  3. Cece Says:

    Oh! Please give huge hugs to Tina, Steph and Cathy Cate for me! I wish I was there!!!!!!

  4. susan Says:

    Miss you guys terribly. Stuff got in the way of coming to camp this time. However, I will make it to the Summit.

    Hugs to everyone. Have a wonderful time and buy lots of beautiful yarn.

  5. Nartian/Celia Says:

    Oh, you’re the one that needs the futon! Overheard the reception desk trying to figure out what room the real futon is in.