Bockstark Knits at SFO


Guess who I met today? That’s right, Kris, Ms. Bockstark Knits. How did you know?

She was flying back to Munich after a month of visiting family in Hawaii. (As much as I love Germany, I can imagine tropical beaches winning over winter drizzle and chill.) SF just happens to be the place you’d lay-over on the way back to Europe. It was great to finally meet someone I’d listened to (on her podcast Knitters Uncensored), read her blog, and followed her photos on Flickr for years. Oddly enough, it felt like we were already friends, even though this was the first time we’d communicated in person, and without the Internet facilitating it.

Her two boys were adorable. I couldn’t get a picture of the two of them together. To travel that far, for that long, alone with two four year-olds, Mr. Bockstark better get her a massage or some more fiber. Speaking of which, she gave me a skein if her own handspun sock yarn! I’m honored to have her creation be my first handspun socks. Perhaps some Boyfriend Socks?

Kris, you’ll be back home by the time you read this. I hope that the rest of your travels went off without a hitch. Although I may never sit at a wheel, I’m inspired by your prolific spinning. IOU a guided tour of SF if you you ever find yourself laid-over longer.

Next time, shall we meet in Germany?

3 Responses to “Bockstark Knits at SFO”

  1. bockstark.knits Says:

    You are such a sweetie! I had so much fun visiting!!!! Yes, please do come back to Germany and visit us! I’m sure Elijah would love to see your tongue again. HA!

  2. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Teehee, just heard from Ms. B today that you met up. 🙂

  3. fbz Says:

    heh, i totally think you should come back to germany, let’s ALL meet in berlin this time. hear that ms. b? elemm? BERLIN. *grin* btw stephen your pin you gave me is pinned proudly on one of my spring jackets, can’t wait for it to get warmer.