Christmas message from the Queen


Janie Sparkles wishes everyone plenty of long naps, lots of belly rubs, and a few extra chicken strips for the holidays.

(photo: Christopher Hall)

7 Responses to “Christmas message from the Queen”

  1. (formerly) no-blog-rachel Says:

    Happy Christmas and New Year to you and yours. Please give Janie Sparkles a skritch for me, ok?

  2. mom Says:

    Proud to call her my granddog. What a beautiful girl !!

  3. Angeluna Says:

    I love Janie Sparkles portrait! Everything about it! My vet is breeding some wonderful smaller Frenchies. I put my name on the waiting list.

    Happy holidays to you both.

  4. Sean Says:

    Happy Christmas to you too…extra ear scratches to Janie!

  5. Elemmaciltur Says:

    To you, too: Merry Christmas!

  6. Ginger aka Beethoven Says:

    Merry Christmas to the Queen too!

  7. Ted Says:

    And how lovely Herself looks, too.

    Thanks again for your wonderful hospitality on my trip down there.