Francie, the first


My interest in knitting has been rekindled by the fabulous Socrates yarn (sent by Sean) and the Francie pattern.

The yarn is a fiber version of crack… or a marital aid that doesn’t require batteries or soaking in bleach. It’s compelled me to knit whenever I have a spare moment. The combination of wool, alpaca and bamboo makes for an incredibly soft and lightweight fabric. The pattern’s simple broken ribbing and unique sole shaping is the perfect combination of playful and predictable.

Thank you, Sean, for the gift that’s so much more than a skein of yarn. I started this the day it arrived (7/21) and finished the first sock last night. Proof that one could produce a sock in less than a week and still hold a full-time job. We’ll see how long #2 takes…

5 Responses to “Francie, the first”

  1. Sean Says:

    Glad that I could re-start the addiction…that’s me job! Knit if it brings you joy.

  2. Erik Says:

    The sock is beautiful. Please contact me so I can place an order before Winter. I’d like a whole pair.

    PS When are the streets of Philadelphia the bumpiest?

  3. Grandfatherknits Says:

    I favorited (ah, neology. Neologizing?) the Francie socks a while back. Yours look great! Will have to scope out the yarn, cuz there isn’t enough yarn in my life.

  4. Mom Says:

    Guess Emily Post and Miss Manners never made it to our house. Sorry son, life is short

  5. your Mom's friend, Shelley Says:

    Ooooo Love that sole shaping! Just got some sock-ease – will have to try this pattern!