not a lot going on ’round the ol’ hizknits here.

ever since the return from vacation work has been eating up all of my mental energy. sorry that I’ve been selfish and not wanting to burden y’all with my whining. I mean, this is tedious enough writing a sorry excuse for not writing more often.

there hasn’t been much knitting going on either, which I’m sure doesn’t contribute to my overall sense of not-so-well-being. good thing WonderMike and Anthony are 2/3 of the podcast, or I would have dropped the ball on that as well.

I wish I could say there was a light at the end of the tunnel, but there isn’t in the near future. I just gotta find/make the time to get back in it and return to my jolly ol’ self; and that includes knitting, taking pictures, writing (email, letters and posts), reading, cooking, working out, and (imagine!) seeing friends in real life.

starting in September, I will have 8 weeks off of work, so then I’ll have no excuse NOT to dust off ye olde blogg. I don’t have any firm plans, yet, so suggestions are always welcome. A smidge of travel, interning at a local fiber business, hammering out a few designs, stretching my art muscles, and running away to join the circus are all being considered.

10 weeks and counting…

7 Responses to “me-time”

  1. scoutj Says:

    UM HELLO!!?!?!?!?


  2. scoutj Says:

    and NEW MEXICO!

  3. Sonya Says:

    8 weeks off? How decadent. It’ll be here before you know it. Believe me, I get reminded everyday how close September is getting. With a September birthday in the house, practically a daily tally is kept.

  4. Mel Says:

    And of course, you already know you’re welcome here.

  5. WonderMike Says:

    I think we need to travel the world interviewing folks for Yknit and shooting video for a film….

  6. Leslie Says:

    Oooh! Interning at a local fiber business would be cool!!! Like maybe CP?!

  7. becky Says:

    I believe visiting your sister in Philadelphia should make it pretty high on the priority list!!
    🙂 i love you