On the train to Berlin

I just pulled out of Albany, heading to NYC then Newark to fly across the Atlantic pond. The Men’s Spring Knitting Retreat just ended and my head is reeling.

I’ve been very lucky and had many opportunities to have fun as a knitter and otherwise, but this was beyond any expectations I could have imagined. Never before have I been around so many incredible, talented and hilarious men. QueerJoe and KnitterguyTed created a new piece of knitting culture. One that I hope will continue for many years to come. Thank you both, from the bottom of my heart. I hope to return for years to come.

I’m typing this oh my phone, so I can’t link to everyone I’ve met and tell you stories about each right now. There was some recording for YKnit that you’ll eventually hear, but nothing could capture the joy and peace (sounds too Christmas-y) or the silly merriment and fibery inspiration I just experienced. I loved seeing Dr. Mel and meeting his David, finding out Guido is just like he sounds (if not feisty-er) and getting to hug and laugh with Michael (after years of email and his launching my “career”). Everyone who was there was a fine and fabulous fellow who I’d to hang out with (pardon my dangling participle).

But there was one guy who is my new best friend and retreat roomie for life: Sean of the Soapbox out of Boston. I’m relieved we live on opposite coasts, because we’d be a terror if we spent any more time together! Thank you for the ride to Albany and unending laughs. Read him, love him and find him at Woolcott & Co if you’re ever in Cambridge. I liked him online, but now that I’ve met him, I may tattoo his face on my bum-bum. In a platonic kinda way. (Mom, this is a joke.)

OK. This thumb typing is boring me. I’m going to get back to savoring my memories. It was awsome to spend the weekend with everyone. We simply must do it again. If you’re reading this and have testes, do consider coming new time!

6 Responses to “On the train to Berlin”

  1. Cece Says:

    Now- the real question – was hanging out with a bunch of male knitters more fun than being fondled by scary old women at Sock Camp? I doubt it.


  2. sean Says:

    maybe you already do know, but you can’t imagine a sweeter, sassier person that Stephen. He’s an inspiration and I count myself blessed and honored to call him my friend.

  3. sean Says:

    Oh, and it’s too, too true. We were a terror at the retreat and would wear each other OUT (and those around us) if we lived too close to each other.

  4. Guido from Boston Says:

    It was such a pleasure to hang out with you and to chat about the state of the knitting world. Can’t wait to go to bloke back…

  5. J.P. Says:

    So. Freakin. Jealous.

    I would love to have come to the retreat. It sounds like such a blast! Maybe next year…

  6. WonderMike Says:

    I’m sure the audio is AWESOME!!! But where are the freaking pix?????