Knitting as marketing


My boss passed on this case study to us today about a soup company in England, named Nusa Kitchen.

Check out their brilliant design solution that pumped up the brand equity, offered a visual and emotional connection to the product and uses knitting as a means to an end.

Although it’s missing the tactile elements of Innocent Drink’s The Big Knit, it’s proof that some old-fashioned wool can go a long way to make our modern world a little better, or warmer (intellectually, at least).

Perhaps it’s just a sign that I need to stop reading about UK food companies… Anyone seen either of these knitting marketing tactics?

2 Responses to “Knitting as marketing”

  1. xtina Says:

    you mean like this one?

  2. WonderMike Says:

    Okay, both of those vids are sooooooo adorable.