Easter morning, San Francisco


So, it’s Easter, a holiday that was very busy, growing up as a son of a minister. It’s one of two “amateur” Christian holidays, that brings out twice-a-year church go’ers. We never did much around chocolate and baskets, focusing more on the resurrection part.

side note:Does that make Jesus a zombie?

Sorry, no bonnet. I don’t do much for church-based holidays nowadays. Mr. Man went out photography-ing and I sat at home zero-ing out my Bloglines. But, former roomie Seanie called to grab breakfast. The top photo is by him after breakfastat Pork Store Cafe on 16th. (I had the mint jack omelet, he, the tofu scramble with fake sausage.)

What I love about this is how painfully “Mission hipster” it is. It’s all a lie. That’s his Chrome backpack. My life is more like this.

In reality, I’m sprinting towards my later 30s (if 35 is the turning point), I rarely ride around town, I spend more time working my marketing day job than keeping up with the latest band/jeans/retro fashion/tattoo, I own a yuppie puppy (albeit a rescue) and I sit on my butt every now and then knitting a round of a sock. I’m not running off this afternoon to the Hunky Jesus contest in Dolores Park. (But I think that’s an old friend Timmy/Sister Lolita Me Into Temptation on the invite.)

It kind of makes you think about the back story to all the other “cool” kids you see on the street, eh?

5 Responses to “Easter morning, San Francisco”

  1. Amy Says:

    I guess since Jesus invited his followers to eat his body he would be some kind of reverse zombie?

    I wrote on my blog today that I was cooking a big meal for a couple of friends because “I’m a sucker for punishment, kind of like Jesus.” I’m waiting for the hate comments to pour in.

  2. Mel Says:

    Driving to work this morning in an insomnia-induced mental state, I found myself contemplating the very same Jesus-as-zombie question. I say yes. Especially after the Easter card and handwritten note on the back of a photocopied page from Romans we got from David’s parents. Care to guess which verses were underlined?

  3. PICAdrienne Says:

    Reading the Easter story to my Sunday School pre-schooler…they were so funny when I read Jesus dies. As the oldest in the class said, “uh oh.” Ages 2-5, I don’t think they know about zombies…but they sure knew Jesus dying was not what they had been hearing about all their lives.

  4. megi Says:

    yeah…me and the mister did a lot of the fussing around chocolate part this year and none of the churchy part. We even went out to the local chocolatier and bought candy BEFORE it went on clearance!

  5. Mom Says:

    I like your knit messenger bag better. Seems it would be more body friendly