At Lisa’s birthday on Friday (at her store Rare Device), I sampled some of the most heavenly, poufy, cheese puffs in the world.

I don’t have any good photos of the lovely birthday girl herself, but I did snap a mobile pic of these savory choux puffs made of butter, eggs and gruyere. The woman who made them told me that the recipe can be found in Tartine’s cookbook (a must-visit bakery when you’re in SF).

Obsessed, I searched the interwebs and found that 7×7 magazine published it back in September!

Be warned… I could have easily eaten 38 of these greasy devils… make sure you make enough to share!

Go forth and bake!

4 Responses to “Gougères”

  1. Amy Says:

    Oooh. Those look so tasty. Thanks for hunting down the recipe!

  2. carla Says:

    Thanks- when I see you at sock camp -I might be much larger!

  3. Ginger aka Beethoven Says:

    Oh cheese puffs looked really yum!

  4. RickMartin Says:

    So you took a pic of the food, but not of the birthday girl – here’s a man with his priorities straight!!