Silly Wilfredo


This is how my weekend ended. In the gaze of a sweet little puppy, while having dinner at Lisa’s house. This little bambino who looks like bambi is a fourth of Janie Sparkles’ size and twice as eager to snuggle. (and, yes, that’s a cameraphone picture!)

It was the perfect end to a super-duper busy weekend, between swim practice, hanging out with Mike (where this happened… more on that later), a swim team holiday party, cooking a bunch of cabbage and kale, a drive-by pop-in to Sabrina of KnitKnit’s book signing put on by Sile of Knit One One fame.

I can tell it’s the holidays, as almost every night there’s a party or a concert or a project to do. If only my day job would let up and allow me to get my social on… or at least return to knitting.

2 Responses to “Silly Wilfredo”

  1. no-blog-rachel Says:

    Wilfredo is just cute as hell! As is Janie Sparkles – put the two of them in the same room at the same time and you could just die from all the cute.

  2. Leslie Says:

    I saw the pic and thought, “Gee, she looks like Debbie Stoller!”-Doh! Then I saw the big title above it! Can hardly wait to hear about how that happened?

    And is this the same Mike I met at the Cat signing?