Dear Ravelry,

I’m so sorry I’ve been neglecting you.

It’s not you. It’s me.

You’re so kind and giving. I know you only want to help me, to simplify my stash organization. You don’t judge, you accept me for what yarn I have. But I’ve got baggage. And yardage. Lots more yardage than you know.

To be honest, I’ve been holding back. Even since the beginning of our relationship, I’ve had more yarn than I’ve told you. I tried to explain up front that I’d just start with sharing my sock yarn, but I haven’t been able to keep up my end of that bargain. There have been many skeins that have come into my life recently and not been documented and uploaded. Projects started and completed—from my queue, even! Weekends come and go, but I haven’t wanted to put the time into photographing, uploading and tagging.

They say the first step is to admit you have a problem. It’s just hard for me to be that honest with myself and that open with you. I don’t want to do this half-assed anymore. There’s sweater yarn, stuff for baby toys, sweaters purchased for unravelling. And your friends, whether they be in groups or my message box. I need to do a better job of hanging out with them, getting to know them, starting conversations.

I don’t want to break-up. I’m just asking for more time.

4 Responses to “Dear Ravelry,”

  1. Mel Says:

    Oh, I’ve already made it clear with Ravelry that I’m leaving my baggage at the door. We’re talking clean slate, baby. Because there is just no way that I’ll ever manage to drag everything from before into that relationship.

    Oh, and thank your mom for me. I got the bulk of my nieces and nephews (and some David) Xmas shopping done through Threadless last night. It wouldn’t even have occurred to me if she hadn’t suggested it, and now they’re going to be the kids with the cool t-shirts.

  2. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Hun, you just have to accept and embrace the truth that your stash and projects want IN on Ravelry. 😉 Waiting to see your updates there. ;-p

  3. Eikon Says:

    I have not yet succumbed to ravelry as my stash takes up but a single wicker laundry basket and has just recently expanded into a 20 gallon tote. Must keep stash under control,,,,

  4. Michael Wade Says:

    I’m starting a support group for Stephen so that we can get his work up on Ravelry. I feel certain he’s gonna pull through.