Getting ripped


This lovely piece of work on the right is not mine. It belonged to Another Shopgirl, who used to be my upstairs neighbor. I inherited it from her when she moved to NYC.

We are different sizes (I must have 80 pounds on her!), so there was no hope of me completing the project. So, what to do? Salvage what I could and add it to the stash! Hooray! More yarn! Thanks, Ann.

This past weekend I started working with it on my first stranded knitting. Just two colors, the gray and white. Man, is it hard. As someone who’s never had gauge problems, I finally get it. I’ll finish knitting it tonight and will futz with it this weekend. I’m hoping some fine-tuning by tugging at floats and aggressive blocking will help solve the diversity of stitch heights.

Famous last words?

2 Responses to “Getting ripped”

  1. Eikon Says:

    I have a much harder time shaping thing then I do with Stranding. Get the Latvian Mitten book ; it is amazing. What are you making and are you doing Fair Isle or intarsia? I’m told it helps if you knit continental but am not sure why that is.

  2. Mel Says:

    A lot of it will sort itself out in the blocking process. The important thing to remember is to stretch out your stitches regularly to keep your floats from being too tight. Your gauge will definitely be different from plain stockinette. Will there be steeks, too?