During a visit home for a friend’s memorial two weeks ago, the thick, humid night reminded me of everything I left behind six years ago. My sweating pores, inscribed with a history of East coast summers, felt eerily at home among friends from my past, in a city that I love as memories collided with my present.

I wrote that around this time of year, in 2002. I’m now older than Sara was she passed away. YouTube wasn’t around then, but luckily, the most touching part of the night was recorded.

Watch to the end of the song, to hear the additional lyrics Brendan wrote to Sara’s song. If you’ve ever lost friend, this may resonnate with you. I can’t believe it’s been five years… you’ll stay with me forever, Sara.

Now I am missing you so much
Now I feel like I’ve lost everything I’ve ever had
Now I am happier for knowing you
And sadder than I’ve been in my whole life
Now I wish that we could be dreaming our superstar dreams
And talking about the haircuts on the TV screen
I’d make you laugh and you’d make me happy
Now I have to close my eyes just to see you again
Now I was so proud just to be your friend
And We’ll be together again my friend
Its just a moment in time

2 Responses to “Sara”

  1. Tracy Says:

    Wow did that happen 5 years ago?

  2. CrowJane Says:

    It is coming up to the third anniversary of my cat (best friend, confidante, loyal companion, bed buddy, compassionate soul and all round spunky boy) Taulie’s death.

    Your words have moved me to tears but not in a sad-grieving kind of way, instead, in that I-was-so-blessed-to-know-him sort of way. I feel a little bit healed.