Corporate Yarn


So, it’s been over two weeks since I received this fabulous present in the mail from the even-more fabulous Scout. Part of me was shy about posting this, as not to mix my business life with my knitting life. But I trust you all. Now you you know where I work. Don’t get me fired (or Dooced!)

She’s done it again… surprising me with her color sense, her dye talent and her generousity. I’m so lucky to know her, even though we’ve yet to meet in person. Did you hear her on Sticks and String? She mentions on her blog that she also just recorded an interview with another popular podcast that involves citrus fruits and flowers (airdate TBD).

Sorry for the blog silence here of late. It’s extended to emails, blog reading and general socialbility. The injury (which is feeling better, thank you), combined with too many hours at work has drained me of any will to write. Oh, and I discovered LOST (through seasons 1 & 2, dabbling on online streaming season 3 episodes).

I have been a-knitting, so more is forthcoming: EZ BSJ, son of Brancusi and Cat Bordhi’s INSANE new book. But for now, thank you, Miss Scout: for thinking of me, for sharing your gift with the world at large, and for being my friend.

4 Responses to “Corporate Yarn”

  1. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Lucky you!!! The colourway is gorgeous!

    And it’s nice to finally know what you do. 🙂

  2. isela Says:

    Ah, lucky you…great colorway and a great place to work too! I use those cliff products all the time when I go biking 😉

  3. meg Says:

    gorgeous gorgeous colorway. i love it.

    and clif bars got me through my triathlon training last year. great products!

    glad to hear you are feeling better. take care!

  4. scout Says:

    OMG. I didn’t realize that people didn’t know where you worked. Whoops. Sorry for letting that one out on FLickr!!

    I love yah babe! And thank YOU for everything you do for us.