Incredible Hulk


I’m not the biggest comic fan, but should this colorway be named after Dr. Bruce Banner’s alter-ego’s wardrobe instead of Violets?

I just finished weaving in the ends of these this weekend. Such a speedy and simple knit. I really loved this pattern. It took a smidge more than a week (with a few days of vacation) to pound these socks out.

It was my first time using Crystal Palace Yarns Panda Wool, bamboo and wool blend. It’s also a joy. I’ll be knitting with yarn again soon, were it not that I had so much more sock yarn. (Damn you, Ravelry, for making me face my stash!) I’d go so far as to say it’s my favorite commercially-produced sock yarn.

As is, they are a little tight on me, so I think my sister may be getting them. She’s butch like that green guy who wears purple.

9 Responses to “Incredible Hulk”

  1. Ms. B Says:

    Those are gorgeous, but shouldn’t they be green to be named the hulk??

  2. Stephen Says:

    There are flecks of green in the yarn. The Hulk wore tattered purple pants, so I see these socks as a pre-transformation.

  3. marti Says:

    Those are fantastic! I am glad to hear your neck is doing better.

  4. Trish Says:

    They look great! I know what you mean about sock yarn….I have more then I thought.

  5. Bridget Says:

    The socks are great! What pattern did you use? Or is it your own design?

  6. Eikon Says:

    Prettiness….what pattern is it? I tend to be terribly utilitarian with socks and just knit plain ones.

  7. scout Says:

    Did you know I have that yarn to dye too? 🙂

    These are pretty! Not as pretty as the custom yarn I created for you today though!

  8. SusanD Says:

    Hey, I think I’d better get some Green Color for you Hulk Socks to you! I’m glad your sister can take the violets.

    I hear that the French Synch Swim went very well!


    Susan at CPY

  9. becky Says:

    hey bro, it’s the butch sister 🙂 I am sitting by the mailbox, waiting for these socks AND that messenger bag….hopefully i can get food delivered to the front yard!
    i love you.