Gaie Paris (ou Rochefort)

I’m sorry.

I’m curled up in an intellectual fetal ball, hiding from my Internet responsibilities of writing about so many wonderful things (BMFA sock camp with my Mom, Scout’s Indie Swag first shipment, my finished Monsoons, Ravelry—see, I’m so busy I don’t even link anything!). I’ve also been a terrible friend, not replying to emails, or calling or letting people know I’m drowning in work stress and unable to get back to them. (Not a cry for help or pity.)

To make matters worse, I don’t foresee a break to this silence for at least another month. It’s two weeks before a two-week vacation to France, doubling as a synchronized swimming competition. As a gesture of apology, I’m handing you this sunny, candy-coated clip from a French movie (not set in Paris), starring a 24 year-old Catherine Deneuve with a small role (and lots of dancing) by Gene Kelly.

Les Desmoiselles de Rochefort (1967).
If only my life had this much song and free-wheeling spirit! More to come…

2 Responses to “Gaie Paris (ou Rochefort)”

  1. Elemmaciltur Says:

    Ooooh, you’ll be in France? If you can and if you want to, try to pop over to Munich (okay, I know it’s not that close, but still, I can hope) and hang out with me!!!!!!

  2. meg Says:

    yikes! try to take it easy and not stress too much. we all get super busy at times.

    and when it does get nuts, you have your trip to remind you of some good times ahead.