TX knttr blggrs


Wireless has been spotty at my hotel, but, then again, so has my down time to craft lengthy posts detailing the goings on my first South By. Yeah, that’s what the locals call it. I’m so down. Let’s talk knitting…

I went to Hill Country Weavers Knit ‘n Nosh, local knitting bloggers edition. My travel companions (and the kind people I’ve hung out with most while here): Harold and Jenny (of Stash&Burn). I met a whole lotta fun women from Austin, Houston and beyond… and now I have more blogs and podcasts to follow!

Sadly, I didn’t get to talk to everyone (next time, Rhonda and Staci?). I was kind of overwhelmed and uncharacteristically shy. I’m really much more fun, loud and spazzy. Trying to keep track of who was who and ripping out 6 stitch/8 row panels to fix, kept me pretty quiet. Trust me, I can be more of a party… just ask Jenny. I did my best to charm and woo her (in French, even) at Hotel San Jose the previous night (with our friend Alan Cummings—who was pretending he didn’t know us.)

So much more to report… music this morning, a gay bloggerati’s karaoke triumph, more Alan Cummings sightings, and a crazy coincidence of friends of friends of friends that prove that the Checks are meant to be my new BFF’s.

edited to crorrect an error: Yarn and Order is not adorably pregnant to my knowledge. She is adorable—I confused her with Yarn Bar.

5 Responses to “TX knttr blggrs”

  1. scout Says:

    You need to TELL me the next time you go to something like this so I can come with you!

  2. Kristin Says:

    Ha! Thanks for the correction, I was starting to wonder if you knew something I didn’t.

    It was so cool to meet you! I wish we could have spent more time hanging out and being spazzy together.

  3. meg Says:

    hey, i caught the shy bug that morning and i hang out with 4 of those ladies on a weekly basis. (i don’t think they would deny that i’m usually the loud and spazzy one, too)

    either way, glad you made it and sorry i didn’t get to talk to you more. i hope you loved austin and come back again.

    loved reading about your alan cummings adventures.

  4. jenny Says:


    are you back yet? what exciting things happened on your last day?

  5. TrickyTricot Says:

    Dude, check the DIY pages – my show airs in a few weeks – maybe yours too?