Austin, TX

I’m headed to SXSW Interactive on Friday. It’s held the week before South by Southwest’s music festival. Work is sending me to check out how cool and geeky the Interwebs can be. I hope to post, as I’ll have a lot of knitting time with no doggie to walk. Maybe I’ll even post (when I’m not attending panels or running).

Got any advice for a week in Austin? Know any groovy people there, knitters or otherwise? Do you live there? Help a homo out… so far all I’ve heard is Hill Country Weavers. Coffee, grub and off-the-beaten-path destinations would be appreciated.

4 Responses to “Austin, TX”

  1. Mel Says:

    Having never been to Austin, I can’t offer any direct advice, but you might try checking out I Blame the Patriarchy. She used to be a food critic, so interspersed amongst the patriarchy-bashing are some comments on Austin restaurants and photos of some of their offerings.

  2. beverly Says:

    You must go to the bar in the Driskill hotel. My goal is to be a rich writer who lives in the hotel and has a night cap in the bar every evening. Seriously, it is old-school fantastic Texas.

  3. Isela Says:

    never been to Austin, but I know that Amy from Amylovie has a yarn shop in Texas 🙂

  4. meg Says:

    hey i live here in austin. hill country weavers is having a knit bloggers knit and knosh deal on sunday from 11-1 if you are interested. sadly, it is our only yarn store.

    for seriously one of the best burgers in the world, casino el camino on 6th street is the spot. also a great mix of customers, staff, and great juke box. for good pizza – homeslice on south congress. south congress is where hill country is located and close by are all kinds of hip fun shops. also, magnolia cafe is down the street another austin institution – open 24 hours for all kinds of good grub. joe’s coffee is great for sitting out and people watching. hope that helps!! have fun, it’s a great city but it’s too warm already.