My day job

My boss just sent this to me. While we don’t do TV commercials, I can see web design work echo’ed here. That said, I do love my job, and our marketing issues aren’t this bad. Warning: naughty words are said.

That’s just a snippet. The entire twelve-minute video can be viewed here.

3 Responses to “My day job”

  1. Mel Says:

    Funny. Very ‘Whose Line Is It, Anyway?’ The actor who played Anton Z. played the main character as an adult in ‘The Hanging Garden’, which is a good flick if you’ve not seen it. He’s also got a funny ‘net program here:

  2. Charles Says:

    I Know!!!

    He is from “Whose Line Is It, Anyway” He is really funny guy!!


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  3. Julie Says:

    Very funny! And true, true. Just found your blog (thanks to Rachael) and look forward to reading more.