Handpainted Footwear


At last, the saga of the Jaywalkers is over. Surgery was successful and the toe grafted at the breakfast table on Tuesday morning. Thank you all for the well wishes (and I’ll explain roasted turnips at a later time). My Monday was not a pleasure at work, so I really needed these happy socks to uplift my Tuesday.

While the pattern was mildly interesting to knit, these wouldn’t be my favorite socks to wear—too slouchy; I need me some ribbing. They sit on your legs like an oldfashioned stocking.

The only redeeming quality is the LOVELY Scout’s Swag yarn. Keep in mind, this photo is a washed-out blue of a dim San Francisco morning sun. In real life, the socks (and my pallid legs) are even brighter. I adore the colors and the wool itself feels fabulous, especially in comparison to the commercially made bike socks I’m wearing today.

I cannot thank Scout enough for making this yarn for me. She went with the colors in the photo in my header and introduced me to the joys of well-dyed handpainted yarn. Happy blog birthday, lady! I owe you (yet another) drink when we finally meet in person!

3 Responses to “Handpainted Footwear”

  1. scout Says:

    Wow. They are seriously fantastic!

  2. Mel Says:

    Well, I’m still waiting to read about the roasted turnips, particularly since I conquered a childhood demon last night and cooked rutabaga for the first time ever.

  3. Elemmaciltur Says:

    OMG! The colours are breathtakingly beautiful!!!!!

    Did you join Lolly’s project spectrum? Coz those JayWalkers fit right in!