Knittin’ to the poddies

Another less-than-productive day, but very vacation-like. I didn’t get through my entire list of to-do’s for the day, but I did get some solid knitting in.

I’ve decided to knit up Scout’s hizKNITS-inspired colorway as Jaywalker socks. I do love this wool, not to mention the cool “Silver Streak” dye job she just did. Did you know she’s having a sale over the next few days? I think I need a sushi wallet kit…

This is just two day’s worth of knitting, accompanied by a little Cast On, Lime ‘n Violet and Sticks and String podcasts. Being the type-A personality that I am, I’m systematically working my way through all of their past episodes. Once I’m up do to date, then I’ll consider commenting, interacting with and perhaps contributing to their creations.

Until then, if you’re Googling own names and find this, thanks, Brenda, L’nV, and David. I love your work… so much that I’m not listening to my Audible books that I paid for.

4 Responses to “Knittin’ to the poddies”

  1. Isela Says:

    Those socks are going to look superb! I love the colourway.

    I am an audible listener too–I am right now on book 4 of the Wheel of Times–great way to knit 🙂

  2. Charles Says:

    IT is great color!!! It will be great socks!!!

    I saw your pic on Knitty Graitty Web….When is your show on?

    I was on Drew’s show as knitster…

    Check my knitting blog also!!!


  3. scout Says:

    Wow, that’s doing some crazy pooling! How many stitches did you cast on? Have you done Jaywalkers before? I know I could probably look but that would take effort. They look cool though!!

  4. miss violet Says:

    We love you right back, knitterman. 🙂