Watch this space

Again, let me apologize for these late night “I-have-no-energy-to-write” posts. It’s time to peel off the the socks I finished yesterday and crawl into bed. It was a lazy day off and between dog walks, rain and naps, I didn’t get much done to compose some interesting prose.

Tomorrow, I’ll post a photo of these latest guys, ball up the wonderful “hizKNITS” Scout’s Swag yarn and perhaps cast on a Jaywalker‘s. And, I’ll weave in the ends of the Knucks for my swim coach that I finished embroidering today.

Santa was very kind to me yesterday, but even kinder was A, our next door neighbor who put on a fabulous dinner. I wish I had taken pictures of that. I couldn’t begin to describe the delicious cheeses, wines, homemade blue cheese salad vinegrette, spinach gratin, parchement baked fish, and chocolate overload (her cake, my pudding and my swim coach’s truffles) that posed as dessert. To make up for all last night’s gourmet action, we had her over for take-out deep-dish pizza (spinach and mushroom from Patxi’s because Little Star was closed.

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