Welcome home

I keep finding myself staying up past my perceived bedtime reading up on the Interwebs and finally slamming out a few words here. I promise that I will write earlier in the day tomorrow. While I can’t promise scintillating, I will try for something meatier in knitting content.

In the meantime, go read Eric’s blog. My very dear friend, fellow runner and yogini, dietitian (yes, it’s spelled with two “t’s”), and co-worker Tara has been writing about her new adventue as a mother (and daddy Aaron writes, too). Little Eric arrived very eary (only 26 weeks and a few days). After three months in the hospital, he’s gone home and is doing FABULOUSLY!

I’ve laughed, I’ve cried and I’ve smiled at the videos, reading how Eric has progressed. His is my mom’s favorite blog. As someone whos worked in NICU, she’s been explaining to me what’s going on and how positive things have been. He’s a tough little cookie and I can’t wait to meet him in person! I owe Mommy and Daddy some of my famous Mac & Cheese (via Martha). I’m sure the little guy could use some knitted goods. Let me know your favorite baby yarns and/or any little guy patterns. Heck, if you want to knit something yourself, I’ll pass it along!

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