After midnight

…but it still feels like Tuesday for me. I could run around the corner for Trannyshack, if I was so inclined. But I’m not.

I just got home from a cocktail holiday party for one of my work’s online agencies. It was held at the same place as our holiday party last week. I’m not typically a cocktail kind of guy, but I enjoyed an evening of conversation with the fella who’s my new boss who just happens to be friends with one of the founding partners at this interactive design firm.

There’s not much more to say, other than I’m waiting with baited breath to hear how Scout’s KG shoot went today. I believe it was the last episode of the seasons 7 & 8 shoot. I got an email from my fabulous producer Sonya today saying she’s leaving on Friday, as her freelance gig is up. If you ever need a diligent, kind and efficient producer, contact me and I’ll get you her info… she was incredible!

Sleep tight!

One Response to “After midnight”

  1. Isela Says:

    I totally agree with you, Sonya rocks!!! She is an amazing and lovely person 🙂