A day off

…means a day of knitting?

Two years later and I’m still in love with the sticks and the strings and the sticthes. It’s what I look forward to doing whenever I have a moment. If I had the money, I’d buy tickets for long international plane flights, just so I could have uninterrupted hours of fiber joy.

Two stitches or two hours, it’s all good. For the first time, I’ve found something that is about the process, or the journey, not the finished product. Obviously, there’s some enjoyment derived from training for my athletic stuff, but usually, it’s about the competition or the bragging afterwards. I’m not a natural athlete. I’m quite content sitting on the couch, never running a step, pushing a pedal, swimming a lap, moving through poses, bending deeper, or lifting a heavy object. Ballet, skateboarding, acting, academics, art and such have come and gone. Knitting is something I crave. The passion is deeply rooted in my heart. I wouldn’t want to try to earn money by the act of knitting, but I’d love to dedicate all my hours at work to it.

Today, I’m finally taking a Friday off. We have an 80 hours in 9 days schedule at work that allows you to take a three-day weekend every other week. I’ve been working throught them lately. Although I brought my laptop home, I don’t NEED to do any work this weekend. I will sort through archived email, but that’s not going to be the focus of my weekend. Between swim practice, getting my car checked out, researching a new car (hybrid or biodiesel?), working at Folsom Street Fair (leather-clad flesh behind that link), and working the Massive Attack/DJ Shadow show tonight, I plan on some hardcore knitting time.

Although the Trek-a-long was a bust blog-wise (though I love the resulting socks), I’m giving it another go with Sock Wars. Let’s hope that I figure out a means to post more photos. As I’m awaiting the pattern (to be sent today), I could use my time off to shoot last weekend’s knitting bonanza. Stay tuned…

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