Hit and run

While attending the 7th anniversary of our favorite restaurant, Walzwerk, my car was the victim of pretty serious hit-and-run. What I thought was a simple broken tail light turned out to be a major impact that bent the frame of the trunk, misaligning the hatchback door and bending the axel. The tow truck guys said it’s mostly likely totalled.

Once I paid it off, I reduced my insurance coverage. Therefore, no claim can be made; I’m just without a car. It would be great if I could get some money for it, but I’m thinking the best case scenario is going to be a big fat donation to KQED or SF MoMA. Too bad you can’t drive your dog to work in a tax write-off. More time for knitting on BART.

4 Responses to “Hit and run”

  1. gerald Says:

    I’m you are okay. You weren’t in the car were you?

    Fortunately you live in a city with good transportation options.

  2. Stephen Says:

    Luckily, I was not in the car. Sadly, we heard there was a hit-and-run that caused injury just up the street. Could be the same driver, but that doesn’t matter. I wish the best for those hurt.

  3. Sean Says:

    What a crummy thing.

    Was the dinner at least good?

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